Rosan International recently entered a seizure monitor project into the MentorDay acceleration program. This program, designed to offer training and tools to entrepreneurs at all stages, has successfully propelled projects worldwide. In this latest edition, a total of 430 entrepreneurs from 28 countries enrolled, with significant participation from Latin America (75%), Europe (23%), the United States (1%), and Africa (1%). Over the course of three intensive weeks of training, 46 companies at various stages of development were activated, amassing over 506 hours of invested work.

Our Project

Nocturnal seizures in epilepsy can be life-threatening if left unattended. Parents of children with epilepsy live in fear of not being aware of a seizure while they sleep. While this may seem like a relativeley niche concern, there are 50 million people in the world living with epilepsy, may of them at risk of sudden death if they enter a serious condition called status epilepticus.

We are developing an Artificial Intelligence application to monitor children with epilepsy and detect seizures, especially during the night when parents are also sleeping. Our monitor uses accessible artificial intelligence technology through mobile devices and tablets, providing increased security for families and improving the autonomy of children with epilepsy. Our Computer Vision prototype has an initial reliability of 80% for three states (awake, asleep, seizure) and a 95% reliability for clonic seizures. We have developed a basic functional prototype in Android that rings an alarm if clonic activity is detected.

Pitch Combat

During the networking event, the top eight projects participating in the Acceleration Program had the opportunity to present their proposals in the Pitch Combat format, in front of a jury composed of 26 members from the entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Pitch Combat involves three knock-out rounds, each involving a 1-minute pitch. You can see our three rounds here (time to brush up on your Spanish!):

After the three rounds, our project was voted as the winning project!!

Next Steps

Our immediate next steps are to finalize a beta version of the app and start testing it in real world situations. Our goal is to minimize false negatives (missing a seizure) and false positives (false alarms) to ensure that the app can reliably serve the needs of parents and their children. All along this process, we have been very lucky to have the support of the Dravet Syndrome Foundation in Spain, to which we are immensely grateful.

About Rosan International

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