About Us

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence to Address Global Challenges

We develop applied AI and Data Science solutions

ROSAN is a technology company specialized in the development of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence solutions with the aim of solving the most challenging global projects: estimating the prevalence of modern slavery, designing AI agents capable of working with human teams, or revolutionizing social sciences through the design and execution of massive online multiplayer video games in multifactorial experiments.

Since 2011, ROSAN has collaborated with Gallup, a global consulting and analytics company, to develop solutions for large companies, United Nations organizations, national governments, and international NGOs. ROSAN attributes the key to its success to the talent of its consultants, with a focus on personal strengths, the development of technological skills, and professional growth, always with the goal of maximizing the impact of our solutions for the client.

Aplicaciones de Inteligencia Artificial